Should the countdown begin?!?

Has Spring sprung or are you still unsure as well!!!…..what exactly did the groundhog said!?!Image

He (the groundhog)  says Spring is coming early…but the weather does not reflect such tales! Say what?!?!….well the groundhog is already being sued so don’t fret! We will totally discuss details on today’s show! But seriously who sues a groundhog?!?!…lol….

We will also discuss the last 4 weeks of class before finals. And then Graduation!!! Caps, Gowns, Degrees, Oh my!  What will you be doing? besides stressing? Image

… oh and since we are already on the subject of spring we will give a little rundown of our past Spring Breaks as well as our plans for this upcoming Easter weekend. Of course we will have your entertainment news, hopefully without the mention of Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber (but that’s never a guarantee with Cody B around), as well as some dating tips advice for this upcoming warm weather. And of course we will discuss our Spring Fashion tips, and introduce a new segment called The Craft Corner for some awesome ideas to spice up your life and keep your 20 dollars in yo pocket!!!!

So be ready for another afternoon of awesomeness with the hosts of The Afternoon Growl!!!!


Rain Drops Falling On My Head…

Is that song stuck in your head now? Good.

Obviously it’s a rainy Monday but don’t you fret, because tomorrow is 60 and Sunny with the Afternoon Growl!

Tune in to hear about our exciting weekend of sitting home watching Friends reruns partying it up and changing lives! Now us west geezy kids just have ONE more week to get through before spring break!!! Of course it’ll be crazy busy with so many projects and tests due you’ll want to turn up the bottle early (of course i’m referring to a water bottle, you’ll need to get your workout on before vacay right?!) haaa but hang with us and we’ll guide you through the week unharmed.

<——–Let’s go from this

To This——->  

Tomorrow during the Pity Party I’ll tell you guys the embarrassing moment I realized I needed to invest in a tanning membership… which speaking of, we still might convince Anjelica to go in and ask for one and record it for you guys. We like to mess with people. I’m sure Cody will have another great weekend story for ya’ll, unlike me he has a life so he usually does! Plus he can’t seem to stay out of trouble which usually lends for a good laugh.

Also, we’ll all have our own spring break bucket lists for you guys!

Tune in tomorrow from 3-5 homies!


Gossip Girl

just kidding. Lacey

Just a little note…

Gooooooood Morning Growlers! And what a terrific Tuesday it shall be! =) This week we will be discussing a variety of things as always, including but of course not limited to The Chocolate Report with Cody B. Yummy right! Then there’s On the Prowl with the Growl where Lacey gives you the scoop on the Do’s and Dont’s of Relationships. Sadly, I will not be in attendance for this week’s episode, I know…I know…. you’re going to miss me…. BUT I’ll be back next week so turn that frown upside down! =)  and put a smile on your face…make the world a better place! definitely tune in to Lacey H and Cody B today at 3 on The Wolf Internet Radio! They are actually kinda awesome!!! =)

FYI **Media Day is TOMORROW!!! are you ready? We may just give you a few tips to calm your nerves just a bit but you totally have to be listening to hear them!

Dearest Listeners…

Hang tight with us while we figure out this blog stuff and try to entertain y’all!

The Afternoon Growl is a kick-a college radio show at the University of West Georgia hosted by Anjelica J, Cody B, and me! We’re just having fun harping on peoples outfits and being a little too real sometimes. It gets crazy and mostly we want to kill each other but that’s what makes it interesting.

Our show airs every Tuesday from 3-5 on The Wolf so tune in online or use the Tune In app on your phone!

So you can hang with these people…

Just look at us we’re fabulous.

More to come!


Your growl pal, Lacey.

Yeah I know i’m that cheesy. Get used to it.